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The timelapse footage library - Highest quality landscape artwork

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Footage Library

Magic Landscapes

Sternstunden is a producer owned library specialized in timelapse footage. You are looking at highest quality artwork which is hardly available anywhere else:





The footage has been carefully retouched and is free of disturbing satellites and airplanes.
Many shots are containing demanding day-night transitions.
Most shots are covering more than 12 hours.
Many shots have been taken at spectacular locations, which can´t be accessed by car.
Most shots are free of artificial lights.

Each timelapse video is the result of many days of painstaking work and years of expertise in photography, astronomy and meteorology.

+ + +    Delivery via FTP-Download or USB-Stick   + + +

Licence terms


- The licensee acquires a non-exlusive, worldwide and unlimited licence for all media.
- The licence is valid for a single project. It is not allowed to use the material in several projects.
- It is allowed to use the material in co-productions.
- It is not allowed to sublicense the material to other companies and other projects.
- It is allowed to alter the material and to combine it with other artwork.
- Timelapse shots can be accelerated or slowed down. The licensee pays for the amount of seconds the shot is visible in a production (e.g. 33€/sec for broadcast). If you would like to use a shot several times within a production, feel free to ask for a little discount.



The Sternstunden library is containing several hours of timelapse footage. Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to find the appropriate footage for your project. In case  you are looking for a very special motif which is not yet represented in the library, perhaps we can shoot it for you.

How to order


Just send us an e-mail with shot numbers (e.g. M03) and timecodes (e.g. 00:56 - 01:26). We will return a licence form and provide the footage via FTP or USB-Stick.

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