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Exhibition by Tomás Saraceno

International Nightscape Conference

Timelapse crane

July 2016 - The Mexican MARCO museum for contemporary art is presenting the exhibition Ciento sesenta y tres mil años luz (163,000 lightyears) by Tomás Saraceno. Amongst other items the exhibition is presenting astronomical timelapse artwork taken at Salar Uyuni in Bolivia. Bernd Pröschold and the science journalist Jan Hattenbach have been the responsible camera men in Tomás team. Here you can have a look at a video teaser of the exhibition.


September 2015 - From September 29th to October 2nd the International Nightscape Conference will take place on La Palma, Canary Islands. It is the first international conference about landscape astrophotography. Photographers and artists from all over the globe will attend. Bernd Pröschold is among the speakers.


March 2015 - Motion sliders are a popular tool to apply camera motion to timelapse videos. However, the motion range of sliders is usually limited to 2 meters. Even worse, when applying a natural, forward motion, the slider will enter the image. Camera cranes are much more versatile than sliders: The camera can go straight towards a motif or fly up into the air. For these reasons, Bernd developed a timelapse crane, providing a vertical motion range of 4,5m and a horizontal motion range of 7,5m. More detail

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